Digital marketing and creative video production company.

Time to Build Your Digital Marketing Toolkit
Making Creative Content for Branded Businesses


You’ve built your business on strong foundations, ticking all the boxes. Website – tick, product or service – tick, target audience – tick, marketable content – ti…oh.

Don’t worry, that’s where we come in.

Tiny Fire Media is a UK based company, created solely to help you fill up that media marketing space with interesting video production, informative animation and handy graphic design. Combined with a social marketing plan crafted to your objectives, we can maximise your digital toolkit leading to boosted audience attraction and website retention, generating more potential profit and business.

Here at Tiny Fire Media, we are a small but skilled team with oodles of shared experience. Powered by our desire to see businesses fully flourish with a tool-belt of unique, branded digital marketing assets. Not to mention creating strong working relationships where we craft the best strategy for your long term social marketing schedule. Making sure you get 100% effectiveness from your fresh new content.

What you can expect :-

  • Fresh digital media content unique to your business
  • A combination of traditional and video marketing to achieve visibility
  • Idea and content generation inspired by your USPs
  • Professional and friendly support
  • Increased business identity and presentation

No Brand? No Worries

As long as your enthusiastic to get some video production, animation or social media marketing for any cause, we can help. Tiny Fire Media is not limited to branded businesses. In fact, we have already helped produce short films, create event videos, and create branding for unbranded clients, so we are pretty flexible.

Don’t be a stranger

Tiny Fire Media is run by two media enthusiasts on-side of full time work commitments. This does not waiver our passion but it does restrict our time, for that reason there is no direct way to contact us except through our social accounts. However, we can come to you, regularly we scan through our social accounts contacting businesses in need of some creative marketing. Following our accounts gives you the best chance of discovery, so don’t be a stranger.