A Little About Us

We are Ryan & Stacey, formally Tiny Fire Media, an experienced digital marketing duo with buckets of creative media skill and passion. Both born and raised here in the UK, we grew into the industry of digital media through education and our own many creative ventures.

Initially, Tiny Fire Media was created so we could put a brand name towards our joint video production projects, making us easy to recognise. Since then it has only grown into a bigger beast, now boasting a range of skills beyond video, with our hands in social media marketing, graphics and animation. We’ve come a long way.

That’s where you come in. We strive to help those looking to put some weight into their business, event or whatever else comes to mind, you name it.
Have a read about the couple ready to get you started.

Stacey Bird (Little Switch)

Production Management / Content Marketing / Movie Buff

Stacey Bird Profile Graphic

“Believe you can, and you’re halfway there.” – Theodore Roosevelt

When I was younger I started my love for the world of media, through writing. There was something I enjoyed about the chance to transport people from their own world to somewhere completely different, and this had a huge impact on me. I took the leap into wanting to create the ideas I had, and stepped into video production, by first taking a BTEC in Creative Media Production, and then moving into University and taking a Film Production Technology course.

Along the way I’ve picked up many loves alongside writing, such as all production stages of a video, the marketing of any media product, and I hope to learn more along the rest of my journey.

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Ryan Cox

Visual Design / Video and Photography / Video Game Geek

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“I will succeed, not immediately, but definitely.” – Anonymous

My interest in video and the media industry stems from my younger years, back when 2D animated movies were all I would ever watch. Being a keen artist, I took huge inspiration from the designs of characters and locations while also enjoying the wide narrative variety that comes with animated adventures. Casting back, Disney’s Iron Giant was probably the biggest influence of them all.

I now work professionally as a visual designer, therefore you can normally find me creating animations, graphics and art for clients on a daily basis. But my passion has only grown wider and I now delve heavily in video production as well, helping in the pre-production stages and finding myself as camera operator on more than one occasion.